Artist Statement

I use an up-close and personal perspective. A clutch of roots, bulbs bursting through stalks into leaf, bright light and blooms, fruits and pods imploding with seeds, falling stems, hung petals—these are passionate images for me that evoke what is gutsy, glorious, failing and hopeful in human nature. At times, I use opposing seasonal images to reconcile my own mortality. Plants have enormous strength and bounce, and I play with that life force in my art.

Making art is a physically exciting process for me. Drawing, carving, scraping, layering colours, pressing inks, materials and papers into textures, these are great ways to build images of what is organic and timeless. I am guided by my instincts about composition and colour, so what emerges always takes on new life, new possibilities.

Things That Grow in the Soil
Things That Grow in the Soil
Oil Monotype with Chine Collé
29.5″ × 23.5″  SOLD