In November 2001 when I was artist in residence at the OM Printhouse in Yokohama Japan, I produced several monotypes and also rediscovered drypoint etching after many years of being away from it. I purchased an eel boner in a kitchen tool shop in Tokyo and use that as one of my favourite etching tools. I can create very raw, bold lines with it or light scratchy textures. When metal or plexiglass plates are etched and scratched, burred lines are created. The rough edged burr holds the ink when the plate is wiped, creating a characteristic velvet-like line. Since I love drawing, etching is a natural progression in my quest as an artist and printmaker.

The Story of Roses
Parrots and Pencils
Fruit Stand
Tulip Stories
The Grateful Still Life
Bamboo Rake
Watering Can
Afternoon Roses
Tuscan Treats in a Vessel
Succulent with Pears
Tulips Reclining With Blue Bowl
Above, Below and Between the Shoots
Garden Gloves with Rosehips
Poppy Passion
Hiding in the Soil
Pears in Vessel
Three Pears and a Few Magnolias
Forms Below
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