I like the immediacy of what is organic and the creative spontaneity in the painterly process of making monotypes. The style and mood of my work comes from personal experience, emotional expression and life caught in the moment. I collect what I connect with intuitively. It could be dried pods found on the ground, wild thistles, exotic plants and fruits from the marketplace, and plants I cultivate, study and dissect from my own garden. I tuck wild-looking flowers into heirloom vases as strange containments. I show plants reaching for the light or nipped by the light or exposed by light that dramatizes their energy for example, with root images. I get very absorbed by it all. Whatever stage of life I am observing and drawing, it is ultimately me who is drawn into the organic world.

Big Red Poppy
Paradise Poppies #5 – Summer Garden
Paradise Poppies #4 – Summer Garden
Magnolia Diaries – Passage #1
Four Lilies in Glass Vase
Spring Reflections II
Tulips in Glass Vessel
This Figure, These Forms II
Red Tulips for a Yellow Vessel
Midnight Bloomer
Tuscan Afternoon Delights
Garden Gloves with Rosehips with Love
Take Root
Born in the Soil
If Buds Were Bud Vases
Soil Landscape With Irises
Tulips and Lace
Sifting Gifts from the Sea
Shoreline Treasures and Things That Grow Between
In Between the Waves
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