Painting and Mixed Media are natural progressions for me as a printmaker whose work is often tagged as “painterly”. In my Monotypes I chine collĂ© (or collage) preprinted Japanese papers into the work but I wanted more so I started painting and using mixed media a number of years ago. I like to work in the moment and not plan out the piece. I start sometimes with a drawing then paint into it adding things as I go. Random imagery from personal experiences and surroundings build up and often result in a sense of order in disorder. These layered compositions are created with a variety of media and techniques that often include found objects, graphite, acrylic, pencil crayon, photo transfers and collage.

Trying not to Pick Roses
Things That Float
Things That Float in the Studio
Bowl of Lemons
Pencils and Parrots #5
Fruit Bowl at Your Doorway - Tuscany
Siena Roses With Chair
Things That Fly
Jokers and Chandeliers
The Magic Garden – Tuscany
Parlour Games
Broken Shell Dreams
Things That Root and Wash Away
Things That Grow Inside Fences
Things That Was Ashore
Panning for Gold
Rowing Back Into the Layers of Time
Hanging Around Montone
Below Ground
Il Mercato
Roadside Bouquet
Tuscan Afternoon Fruit Bowl
Behind Tuscan Shutters
Fruit Bowl Umbertide
Laundry Day – Montone
Amaryllis Afternoon
Autumn Fare and Other Things
Summer Roses and Papaya
Artichoke, Eggplant and Little Tomato
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