I prefer the reduction linocut technique for making relief prints. There is only one block used for all the colours and as each colour is carved away and printed the block eventually becomes reduced to just the last colour (usually the darkest colour in the lineup). Reduction allows registration of each colour to be almost perfect but the edition can never be printed again as the block is gone by the time the last colour is printed.

Linoleum is a such a responsive medium and the lines can be made very precise and delicate. I emphasize important elements in the image, for example the detailed fringe of a parrot tulip. White backgrounds put everything into high relief. With dark backgrounds I can choose to create a kind of sharp moon glow and other effects using dark backgrounds. I use strong colours to give the prints extra definition and I also use oil based inks which, when built up on the paper, create a rich, darker colour. The build up of ink mirrors the glossy surfaces of leaves and the sheen of petals. This makes a very interesting way to obtain multiple prints. Relief printing is a very painterly technique that allows for tremendous personal variation.

Waiting to Hatch
Waiting to Root
Waiting to Heal
Copper Lily I
Christmas Rosehips
Painted Parrots
Chilli Christmas
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